5 - 7 April 2019
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Tri Travel

Tri Travel is distinctly different from other travel agencies and booking sites. Over the past 20 years, with our beginnings in triathlon, Tri Travel have set themselves apart by being the experts for any sport event travel for athletes and spectators globally. Our highly experienced team are dedicated to the sporting industry, providing the specialised service needed at events.

Titan Triathlon

TITAN Performance Group is a 100% Australian owned company formed upon a passion for combining sport, fitness, lifestyle and personal growth around a business.

They offer premium performance products coupled with signature customer service. Our brand portfolio drives clubs, teams, organisations, athletes and participants of all levels to achieve their goals and successes.

TITAN Performance Group provides the complete experience by offering a full range of products and services across a diverse portfolio and demographics. Look, feel, train, compete and perform at your best... TITAN Performance Group can deliver all your needs.

Shoalhaven City Council

The Shoalhaven City Council is responsible for looking after public facilities and providing community services across the Shoalhaven

Runners World

Runner's World is a globally circulated monthly magazine for runners of all skills sets, published by Rodale Inc. in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, in the United States.

Huskisson Hotel

The Huskisson Hotel is as much a part of Jervis Bay as the famous white sand beaches. The iconic hotel opened its doors in 1932 and recent major renovations have seen the building take on a mix of modern and heritage characteristics.  Located at the end of the street with unparalleled views overlooking the bay, The Huskisson Hotel has been a landmark destination for almost 100 years and has remained at the centre of local social life.

The hotel oozes style and is the perfect location for a relaxed catch-up. Whether it’s sharing a cold beer with friends, enjoying a delicious meal overlooking the bay, or indulging in alfresco cocktails at sunset, you’re sure to find the perfect spot at The Huskisson.

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